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About Us

We sell Journals, Planners and Scrapbooking Supplies to help you make and keep Beautiful Memories!

All those pictures sitting in your phone!  That trip to the cabin last fall that was so fun! (When was it exactly we went?)  These problems and more we have the solutions for you!  We believe in making and keeping beautiful memories and we’re here to help you do the same!

We believe in making and keeping beautiful Memories!

Not only do we have a store with beautiful planners, journals and scrapbook supplies, we will also write articles that will help you learn how to journal, use a digital planner, scrapbook digitally and more!

We will also provide our members with Freebies on a regular basis to help you on your path to beautiful memories!


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Meet CIndy

I love digital toys!  I also love to scrapbook especially digitally!  I’ve been doing it since 2005!  I’ll share some of my successes and failures with you!

Meet joyce and Anne

These are my daughters with me, Joyce and Anne!  You may not hear much from them but I guarantee you’ll see bunches of pictures!

Signature Products

We have a wide variety of Journals and Planners, digital and printable to meet your needs!

Keep those beautiful memories that you've made!

Now that my children are grown it is so much fun to go back and visit the scrapbook pages and re-read the journal entries I made. It's easy to remember the big things but it is so rewarding to have records of the little every day things! I want to help you with that too!